The Eighth Wonder of the World

I live in New York City but I often visit the Finger Lakes area in upstate New York.  One day out of curiosity I checked online to see if there was a nude group in western New York and found the ROMANS (Rochester Male Naturists).  I contacted the Secretary of the ROMANS and he agreed to take me to my first nude activity with that group.

It was a men only nude swim organized by a member of a co-ed group called Naturist Rochester.  The experience was an eye-opener because the swimming pool was built inside the basement of a regular two storey home.  The available facilities – a swimming pool, a hot tub and a sauna – everything was homemade and in smaller scale but the set up was very unusual.  I didn’t know what to expect but with the excitement of a child in a candy store, I followed my guide to a residential neighborhood in Rochester.
The house looked like any house on the block except it had a banner outside saying that it was a swim night.  I thought I would find a concealed but brightly lit backyard swimming pool plus laughter filtering through the evening air. But there was no light in the backyard and it was a relatively quiet evening.  After taking off our shoes upon entering the house, we immediately turned to go down a flight of stairs to the basement.  The stairs were narrow and with no handrail.  It was like walking down a tunnel in a cave.  But once downstairs, the place was brightly painted and smelt of chlorine.  There it was, the eighth wonder of the world…a concrete swimming pool which was more like a soaking pool, a concrete hot tub that could sit four people tightly together and a simple sauna room….all fitted inside the basement.  There was an enormous antique boiler with colorful pipes coming out of it and a couple of functioning heater and boiler in the middle of the room.  The walls and doors around the pool and tub were covered with freshly painted colorful murals of tropical scenes, creating the atmosphere of an oasis in a very unlikely environment.  
Once in the pool, I was greeted by a couple of other ROMANS members and a few men from the host organization Naturist Rochester.  The owner of the house was there to explain the murals and other projects he had in mind to update his haven.  I made my rounds to get acquainted with the people and the place.  The swimming pool was only big enough for a couple of strokes so it wasn’t meant for swimming but it was a perfect set up for mingling with like-minded nudists in a very relaxing atmosphere.  The hot tub was a cozy retreat where members rubbed knees with one another.  The sauna was spacious by comparison and everyone was welcoming and sociable while enjoying the snugly heat on our bare skin.

I was told that the basement swimming pool had been there for many years and it was always a project-in-progress.  The tropical murals were the latest additions to bring special ambiance to the place.  It was a very private place that had entertained many young and old, male and female nudists.  I was glad to have the chance to experience this eighth wonder of the world.  Needless to say, my relationship with the ROMANS got started on a very impressive note!

The Concrete Swimming Pool at the Vassar Street Site

“The Eighth Wonder of the World”

No this guy is not a Romans Member but he is in a Concrete Swimming Pool!

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