25th Anniversary GNI Gathering

For the first time in my life, I was at GNI ready to face several hundreds naked men.  On arrival, the beautiful resort and friendly staff helped me to relax right away and once my clothes were off I felt as natural as it could be.  

My cabin with the ROMANS (Rochester Male Naturists) enjoyed a clear view of the upper swimming pool, the lake and the distant forest.  The weather was perfect for the first half of the week that I signed up for and the programs were entertaining and well organized.  Being naked outdoor in a picturesque environment enhanced my appreciation of the wonderful world we were living in.  But, ultimately, it was the welcoming group of naked men that made this GNI experience an unforgettable one.

No matter what background we were from, we were all equal once naked.  The friendly smiles, the polite Good Mornings, the quiet talks….it seemed that nudism could bring out the best in us.  It was the most un intimidating group of nudists I had ever met.  The air was filled with tolerance and acceptance.  For a middle-aged Chinaman who needed an extra 3” here and there, I was surprised at my own popularity.  One good place to say hello to other naked men was at the dining hall.  Food was a good conversation starter and a hug got me closer to the ones I normally could only admire from afar.  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, socials….there was never a lack of food or shortage of drinks.  In addition, some GNI members generously brought drinks, finger-foods, and paper wares to the resort for theme parties they held for everyone.  

I spent a lot of my time by the pool swimming naked and feeling the breezes blowing through my pubic hair.  I danced to the pulsating music every night in the mesmerizing dance club that was magically transformed from a barn by GNI organizers.  Sometimes I danced on a platform with colorful lasers dashing across my body, fulfilling my fantasy as a go-go boy.  I attended the social hours to check out the creative costumes naked men designed to bring out the various themes.  I went to the nightly shows which were always fabulous and exciting.  The hilarious best bun contest was great fun and sexy.  I was amazed by the elegant hair pieces and hats some of the “ladies” brought to the camp and the tastefully dressed impersonators who were not only talented but actually beautiful.  I marveled at the way that some cabins were transformed into a haven of their own….be it a bear den, a Hollywood studio or a pink flamingo hideout.  There was never a dull moment at GNI.  Every time I raise my eyes to look around, I could see something different….be it in shape, size or color!

This annual GNI gathering is the definitive event for gay naturists.  Many keep returning after 10, 20 years.  I only wish I had joined the fun earlier but I will certainly be back next year to say hello to my fellow GNI members.  I missed everyone already as I put on my clothes and checked out of the resort on the Wednesday that I must leave.  This gathering is a life changing experience I recommend to all male nudists.

And then Back Again to the GNI Gathering

GNI has become a big topic among the ROMANS and it’s no surprise that more and more of its members are attending this annual gay naturist gathering.  As a naturist group based in New York, having a well organized gathering of like-minded nudists within reasonable driving distance is like someone holding a backyard party for the group.  

I was a pretty new ROMANS member when I went to my first GNI and naturally stayed at the ROMANS cabin with my new nude friends.  It was my first experience to live naked 24 hours a day, experiencing all that nature could offer in a beautiful and well equipped environment.  We talked, ate, slept and played together.  We got to know one another better and used the free time to make plans for the group’s development.  A few days at GNI helped me to strengthen my desire to embrace a nude lifestyle.  

GNI was a once in a life time experience for someone like me to be nude and gay in a friendly and safe environment.  The annual gathering doesn’t discriminate against body type, race or sexual orientation.  There is no need for inhibition as long as you play by the rules.  You can wear your fantasy outfit, be it in leather, chiffon or rag.  You can be that go-go boy you always wanted to be, dancing every night at the disco barn.  You can compete in the many contests showing off your under-appreciated talents.  Or you can have some quiet time to read a book by the pool, play some volley ball or walk a trail to enjoy nature in the nude.  

This year I, and many of my fellow ROMANS members, have decided to go to GNI for a complete week.  Some people say it’s too costly.  What I’m going to do is to register early so that when my credit card bill comes in I can pay it off in a few months.  It will be paid for by the time August comes around.  Going to GNI for a week is like taking a short gay cruise to the Caribbean islands.  The better accommodation on a ship is compensated by the spacious natural environment of the Pocono resort.  The comradeship, the entertainment, the parties, the activities are similar and as good.  I love the Olympic size swimming pools that can be all mine at certain hours.  I love the singing of the birds and the fresh air that wake me up every morning.

Going to GNI is a special event among the ROMANS members.  During the summer months, we have other activities include nude camping at Jones Pond, clothed trip to Toronto for the pride parade, and nude BBQ in member’s backyard, etc.  And the ROMANS are fortunate that during the winter months, besides regular meetings at member’s homes, we can join Naturist Rochester at an old Y in Rochester to enjoy the swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, ball court and exercise machines.  All in all, ROMANS members take pleasure in a full year of nude activities to experience the freedom of being naked.  I’m a grateful ROMANS and GNI member and will recommend these groups to everyone in the middle and western New York area.
The author enjoying himself by the pool
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